Why Rent Art?

We want you to love the art you select. Renting from Romanova Art gives you ample time to live with a painting or sculpture before making the commitment to purchase.

You can rent any work of art for as many rental terms as you would like. At the end of each rental term you have the option to purchase that piece of artwork. Romanova Art will apply 50% of the total rental fees, paid to a particular piece, towards the final purchase price.

Who rents Art?

Romanova Art rents artwork to many individuals and organizations looking for a cost-effective way to easily add art to their life. Established businesses, including law firms, medical offices and interior designers, as well as everyday art lovers, are just a few of the people enriching their daily lives with artwork.


Are you currently renting a house or apartment? Maybe you are just interested in spicing up your home for an upcoming event or are new to collecting art. Whatever your reasons for renting artwork, we are sure to have something that will suit you, your style, and your surroundings, at a fraction of the cost of purchasing. If you decide to commit, Romanova Art will apply 50% of the total rental fees, paid to a particular piece, towards the final purchase price. You get the best of both worlds in a worry free environment.

Restaurants and Hospitality

Compliment the dining experience by pairing fine food with carefully selected fine art. Elevate your guest’s stay by displaying exquisite art in the halls and rooms of your hotel. Artwork can enrich the walls of restaurants, private clubs and hotels. We will even assist you in changing the artwork to fit the season and your changing menu. You can choose from a wide selection of readily available work or commission the artists to bring your vision to life. The consultant and artists will work closely with you to ensure that your expectations are exceeded.

Offices Spaces

Fine art can set a sophisticated tone for visitors, create a productive and forward-thinking work environment, and indicates to clients that they are entering a professional company that is serious about its identity and culture. Offices of every size can benefit from the simple act of adding artwork. For the biggest impact, Romanova Art suggests rotating artwork to keep the workplace lively and fresh.

A Romanova Art consultant will tour your offices, and using the latest technologies, prepare a customized portfolio that will match your brand identity and budget. At your request, our consultants can facilitate delivery and installation and will continue to work with you to rotate your collection and keep your office looking fresh and current.

For More Information

Please contact romanovagallery@gmail.com