Natasha Romanova – Owner, Principal Art Consultant

Natasha has always been fascinated by the powerful and unique yet universal role that art plays in every culture. Influenced by the architecture and art of her native country, the public art, and the galleries and museums of the world, Natasha made the decision to leave her successful career in corporate finance in 2015 to create her own gallery and agency.

Natasha is focused on highly trained, high quality artists who have a unique vision and evolving style, and who are not afraid to experiment in different mediums and different styles, using the language of their art to contribute to a better understanding of the modern world.

Jill Davis – Digital Media Manager

Jill is obtaining her degree in Marketing and Fashion from the University of Georgia, and is a lover of all things art. She credits her influence to her first visit to the Louvre in Paris at the age of five.

Jill has always been fascinated by the beautiful world around her. She has a particular interest in fashion, which allows her to see art in motion. She also loves to travel and experience different cultures. She believes that the world has so much to offer and one should never stop exploring it.